This section highlights recent changes and updates made to links and sections within the Tobacco Portal. This section also features current and newly published tobacco related resources, data and news that the primary researchers at GSU find pertinent or have been suggested by visitors to the site. 

Africa Tobacco Control Mass Media Resources

We've added a new resource to our Country Specific Page: World Lung FoundationAfrica Tobacco Control Mass Media Resource: This resource from the World Lung Foundation presents a selection of effective tobacco control TV and radio ads suitable for use in many African countries.

Special Populations and Country Specific Resources

The Tobacco Portal has recently added two new pages of resources: Special Populations: This page provides resources related to the smoking disparities seen in special population groups such as women an minorities. Country Specific Resources: This page provides links to smoking and tobacco related resources that are focused on specific countries and regions of the world. As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions for additional content to add to the Portal. If there are any links that you would like to see, please use the 'Submit Updates' function at the bottom of the website or send us an email at

CBO: Raising the Excise Tax on Cigarettes: Effects on Health and the Federal Budget

We've added a new resource to our  Economics page: Raising the Excise Tax on Cigarettes: Effects on Health and the Federal Budget: The Congressional Budget Office has prepared a report showing the long-term effects of certain tobacco-related fiscal policies. An excellent blog summary of the report from tobacco expert Stanton Glantz can be found here.

1998 Tobacco Settlement: Decade of Broken Promises

We've added a new resource to our  Counter Marketing page: Tobacco Free Kids 1998 Tobacco Settlement: Decade of Broken Promises: Annual reports issued by The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids documenting states' use of tobacco revenues for fighting tobacco use.

Monitoring the Future

We've added a new resource to our  Youth and Adolescent Behaviors page: Monitoring the Future: Monitoring the Future is an ongoing study of the behaviors, attitudes, and values of American secondary school students based on annual surveys of approximately 50,000 8th, 10th, and 12th grade students as well as annual follow-up questionnaires after graduating.