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WHO Report on the Global Tobacco EpidemicWHO Tobacco Country Profiles: These country profiles, generated from data collected for the WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, 2011 provide country specific information on cigarette prices and cigarette tax rates.

The World BankCurbing the Epidemic: Governments and the Economics of Tobacco Control: This 1999 World Bank report examines the economic questions that policymakers must address when contemplating tobacco control. The report assesses the expected consequences of tobacco control for health, for economies, and for individuals.

Economics of Tobacco Control Toolkit: This peer-reviewed toolkit provided by The World Bank provides tools for analyzing the impact of tobacco on demand, taxes, employment, smuggling, and equity.

World Bank Policy on Tobacco: The World Bank policy limits investing related to tobacco production, processing, and marketing.

The Tobacco AtlasCosts to Society by Country: This interactive map from The Tobacco Atlas allows you to view direct costs of smoking as a percentage of gross domestic product.

Cigarette Prices by Country: This interactive map from The Tobacco Atlas allows you to view cigarette prices by country.

Tobacco Taxes by Country: This interactive map from the Tobacco Atlas allows you to view excise tas as a percentage of cigarette by country.

US Aid Tobacco Policy: This report outlines US Aid’s policy and position on current and future activities related to tobacco production, processing, marketing, and other related tobacco activities. It also describes anti-tobacco activities that the agency can undertake.

Tobacco and PovertyTobacco and Poverty: A Vicious Circle: This World Health Organization publication draws attention to the link between tobacco and poverty.

International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung DiseaseA Modern Economic View of Tobacco Taxation: This 2008 paper provides a counterargument for the traditional economic analysis of tobacco taxation and presents reasons that tobacco taxes should exceed the level of pure interpersonal externalities.

State Tobacco Activities Tracking and Evaluation (STATE) System: The STATE System, developed by CDC Office of Smoking and Health, is an interactive application that houses and displays current and historical state-level data on tobacco. Trend data, interactive maps, and state comparisons are available for topics such as excise taxes, cigarette sales, tobacco settlement revenue, and CDC best practices for recommended annual investment.

TobacconomicsTobacconomics: The 2011 Tobacconomics report, produced by Action on Smoking and Health, reveals how the tobacco industry uses pseudo economic arguments to divert attention away from the health consequences of smoking to block new health regulations and ultimately protect its revenues.

Tobacco Documents Bibliography: Frequently updated comprehensive bibliography of publications and resources that utilize and analyze tobacco industry documents from 1994 to present. This section of the bibliography is specifically devoted to economics.

Excise Taxes

Robert Wood Johnson FoundationThe Impact of Tax and Smoke-Free Air Policy Changes: This Robert Wood Johnson Foundation report summarizes the progress made over the past two decades in raising cigarette and other tobacco product excise taxes and in adopting and strengthening policies that limit smoking in public places and private worksites.

European CommissionExcise Tax Rates on Tobacco Products in the European Union: The European Commission, Taxation and Customs Union provides excise tax rates, prices, and revenues on all tobacco products sold in the European Union.

Raising the Excise Tax on Cigarettes: Effects on Health and the Federal Budget: The Congressional Budget Office has prepared a report showing the long-term effects of certain tobacco-related fiscal policies. An excellent blog summary of the report from tobacco expert Stanton Glantz can be found here.

State of Tobacco Control 2013 – State Excise Tax Grades: The American Lung Association grades each state according to their excise tax rates in 2012.

Illicit Cigarettes

The Tobacco Atlas
Illicit Cigarette Market Share by Country: This interactive map from The Tobacco Atlas provides information on illicit cigarette market share by country.

Smuggling, The Tobacco Industry, and Plain Packs: This report from Cancer Research UK discusses the association between plain packaging of cigarettes and illicit trade and smuggling of tobacco.

Tackling Tobacco Smuggling – Building on our success: This report, produced by the United Kingdom Border Agency and Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs, discusses the illicit tobacco market in the United Kingdom and their strategies to address this problem.