The Tobacco AtlasHistory of Tobacco: The Tobacco Atlas provides the history of tobacco from 6000 BCE to 2012.

TobaccoOrgTobacco Timeline:’s tobacco timeline provides historical information about the use and spread of tobacco through eight different webpages

 History of Smoking Bibliography: This bibliography was created as part of a research project on the history of the cigarette and the development of a working-class niche market. It includes works on the history of tobacco, history of advertising, and other tobacco-related sources in the social studies or humanities fields covering the years 1920 to 2008.

Tobacco Documents Bibliography: Frequently updated comprehensive bibliography of publications and resources that utilize and analyze tobacco industry documents from 1994 to present. This section of the bibliography is specifically devoted to the history of tobacco.

Action on Smoking and HealthTobacco Chronology: This series of chronologies shows how the tobacco companies have said one thing in public but then acted differently.

Robert Wood Johnson FoundationMajor Tobacco Related Events in the United States: This timeline of major tobacco events in the United States runs from World War II to 2010. It includes activities by the tobacco companies, federal and state regulations and taxes, links of tobacco to heart disease and cancer, and the deaths of prominent people from lung cancer.