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Framework Convention on Tobacco ControlFramework Convention on Tobacco Control Guidelines for Implementation of Article 13: WHO FCTC guidelines on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship.

Federal Trade CommissionFederal Trade Commission Smokeless Tobacco Report: This 2012 FTC report is the latest in a series on smokeless tobacco sales, advertising, and promotion.

Federal Trade Commission Cigarette Report: This 2012 FTC report is the latest in a series on cigarette sales, advertising, and promotion.

National Cancer InstituteNational Cancer Institute: The Role of the Media In Promoting and Reducing Tobacco Use: This 2008 National Cancer Institute monograph summarizes what we have learned about the ability of the media to encourage and discourage tobacco use.

American Cancer SocietyHow Do You Sell Death?  This publication, developed by the American Cancer Society, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and the Framework Convention Alliance, highlights the manipulative marketing tactics of the tobacco industry.

Action on Smoking and HealthBanning Tobacco Promotion: Ethical and Civil Liberties Issues: This Action on Smoking and Health paper argues that tobacco is a highly unusual special case that poses very serius health implications and this justifies interventions to control the marketing of the product.

Tobacco Free KidsTobacco Product Marketing on the Internet: This 2011 Tobacco-Free Kids report analyzes tobacco product marketing on the Internet.

Stanford ResearchStanford Research into the Impact of Tobacco Advertising: SRITA is a Stanford research group which analyzes the effects of tobacco advertising, marketing, and promotion. Participants in this interdisciplinary program include faculty and students from several Stanford School of Medicine departments as well as the departments of History and Anthropology.

ButtsmallArtifacts of the Epidemic: The Trinkets and Trash Collection: Trinkets and Trash acts as a surveillance system that monitors, collects, and documents tobacco products and current tobacco industry marketing tactics, such as: direct mail, bar/party promotions, magazine advertisements, in-store promotions, and new product development.

ButtsmallTobacco Commons: Tobacco Commons is a place where recent tobacco marketing blurbs, pictures and observations made by common people on the internet are collected. Most of the images and quotations are taken from blogs and personal websites.

Public Health Law Center: Advertising and Marketing Resources: The Public Health Law Center provides resources relating to the issue of advertising and marketing of tobacco products.

Richard Pollay: Papers on Cigarette Marketing and Advertising: Professor Richard Pollay’s last two decades of scholarship focused heavily on tobacco marketing. Some of the most requested papers are available for download on this page.

Tobacco Documents Bibliography – Marketing & Advertising: Frequently updated comprehensive bibliography of publications and resources that utilize and analyze tobacco industry documents from 1994 to present. This section of the bibliography is specifically devoted to marketing and advertising.

Advertisement Collection

Tobacco Free KidsCampaign for Tobacco-Free Kids: Tobacco Ad Gallery: This tobacco ad gallery is searchable by country, company, brand or type of advertisement.

Roswell Park Cancer InstitutePollay Tobacco Ad Collection: The Pollay Ad collection is an extremely comprehensive, searchable and user-friendly collection of tobacco advertising materials used by tobacco companies throughout the years.


Robert Wood Johnson FoundationThe Way We Were: Tobacco Ads Through the Years: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded retrospective collection of tobacco ads from 1910 to today.

UK Tobacco Industry Advertising DatabaseUK Tobacco Industry Advertising Documents Database: This database allows you to view and download over 650 documents from the UK tobacco industry’s main advertising agencies ranging from 1994 – 1999

Undue Influence

Tobacco Industry Strategies to Undermine Tobacco Control Activities: This WHO report examines the well-financed and deliberate efforts that tobacco companies have put forth to undermine efforts at tobacco control.

The Tobacco AtlasUndue Influence: The Tobacco Atlas explains how tobacco companies spend millions of dollars each year influencing public policy and legislation.

Open SecretsTobacco Company Political Influence and Lobbying: Open Secrets reports the total contributions to federal candidates and political committees from the tobacco industry, which includes makers of cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco, as well as their trade groups.

Tobacco Documents Bibliography – Politics and Policy: Frequently updated comprehensive bibliography of publications and resources that utilize and analyze tobacco industry documents from 1994 to present. This section of the bibliography is specifically devoted to politics and policy.

Big Tobacco Wins Tax Battles: The National Institute on Money in State Politics analyzes the political campaign contributions of Big Tobacco in the 2012 election cycle.


Edward Bernays: Torches of Freedom:Edward Bernays worked as a publicist for the American Tobacco Company and lead the movement of marketing cigarettes to women as “torches of freedom”.