World Health OrganizationWHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, 2009: Implementing Smoke Free Environments: This World Health Organization report provides a comprehensive overview of the evidence base for protecting people from the harms of secondhand tobacco smoke through legislation and enforcement.

Global Tobacco SurveyGlobal Youth Tobacco Survey: GYTS is a school-based survey that collects data on students ages 13–15, including rates of secondhand smoke exposure among youth. GYTS uses a standardized methodology for constructing the sample frame, selecting schools and classes, and processing data.

The Tobacco AtlasYouth Exposure to Secondhand Smoke at Home: The Tobacco Atlas provides an interactive map that shows the percent of youth who live in homes where others smoke in their presence.


U.S. Public Health ServiceU.S. Surgeon General’s Report: The Health Consequences of Involuntary Exposure to Tobacco Smoke: This 2006 report of the Surgeon General documents the serious and deadly health effects of involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke.

U.S. Surgeon General’s Report: Children and Secondhand Smoke Exposure: This excerpt of the 2007 Health Consequences of Involuntary Tobacco Smoke highlights the serious health risks that secondhand smoke exposure poses to our children and the need to extend the same protections to them that many U.S. adults already enjoy.

National Institute of HealthHow Secondhand Smoke Affects the Brain: This National Institutes of Health study gives concrete evidence that secondhand smoke has a direct, measurable impact on the brain similar to the effect experienced by primary smokers.

National Cancer InstituteSecondhand Smoke and Cancer Fact Sheet: This National Cancer Institute Fact Sheet provides information about the carcinogenic effects of secondhand smoke.

No SmokingFact Sheet on Secondhand Smoke: This Fact Sheet was compiled by Repace and Associates, Inc. in response to a request by the International Union Against Cancer (UICC), Geneva, Switzerland, and presented at the 2nd European Conference on Tobacco or Health in 1999.

Smoke-free Lists, Maps, and Data: Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights has tracked, collected, and analyzed tobacco control laws around the country since the early 1980s. This page provides fact sheets about laws and ordinances across the country.

Tobacco Documents Bibliography – Secondhand Smoke: Frequently updated comprehensive bibliography of publications and resources that utilize and analyze tobacco industry documents from 1994 to present. This section of the bibliography is specifically devoted to secondhand smoke.